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Luxury South Coast accommodation doesn’t get much better than this

Cupitt’s winery has added yet another string to its bow, installing luxury accommodation pods so guests can stay on the estate overnight.

It’s been a tough few years for NSW South Coast businesses with bushfires and then the COVID-19 pandemic. But the owners of Cupitt’s winery are looking to the future.

Cupitt’s Estate is a winery, a brewery and a fromagerie. It’s also rated as one of the best restaurants on the South Coast. And in perfect timing for NSW regional travel’s return, the team has just installed brand new luxury accommodation pods so you can indulge your inner foodie.

“It’s way more than a winery,” Libby Cuppit tells Signature Luxury Travel & Style.

Cupitt's winery South Coast NSW
Enjoy a glass of wine at Cupitt's winery. Credit: Cupitt's Estate.

The beginning

Rosie and Griff Cupitt moved to the South Coast to retire. They had fond memories of family holidays in the region. But they couldn’t sit still. So they built a winery.

“It was a little notion that got stuck in Rosie’s head and she did the research and worked out the best way to do it,” Libby says.

The entrepreneurial couple secured a stunning block of land and slowly started to plant grapevines. Rosie trained in viticulture and applied all that she knew to the estate.

Cupitt’s winery was a huge success, but with that came a lot of work for the “retired” couple. Libby says she and her husband Tom came to help for a few weeks and never left. Rosie and Griff’s other son Wally soon joined the business as head winemaker too.

“We’re here because we love wine and family and friends, that is the very core of our business,” she says.

“But we’ve definitely scaled up and brought in lots of different components throughout the years.”

Cupitt's Estate food
Some of the incredible dishes at Cupitt's Estate. Credit: Cupitt's

Foodie heaven

While Cupitt’s makes elegant wines, it also produces excellent craft beer. Over the years, Rosie has also turned her hand to cheesemaking and Griff has ensured the farm produces quality vegetables.

“That’s sort of unique to our business, we produce our own wine, beer and cheese all of which is showcased in our restaurant,” Libby says.

“We also source a lot of vegetable produce from our property.”

The family business was a huge success and then 2019 hit. And 2020. And 2021.

Like most South Coast businesses devoid of the normal tourist crowds, Cupitt’s was forced to adapt.

“We sort of re-invented what we did,” Libby says. “We created chef meals to enjoy and home project boxes and we got our staff to deliver them.”

“Really we reached out to the community with good food and wine.”

Now on the other side of those hard years, Libby says the team is keen to help travellers celebrate lost milestones and to reconnect with each other with good food, wine and incredible sunsets.

Cupitt's Estate.
Inside one of the luxury accommodation pods at Cupitt's Estate. Credit: Cupitt's Estate.

Luxury South Coast accommodation

Ever the forward thinkers, Cupitt’s spent 2020 and 2021 building 10 brand new accommodation pods, five of which are now ready for guests. A further five will become available in the next few months.

Each modern pod has a king bed, a lounge room, a deck with a view of the property and elegant furnishings. Some have a double bath on the deck.

The Estate is once again filled with hustle and bustle. With regional travel’s return on November 1, people have come to celebrate 40ths, 50ths, anniversaries and weddings.

“It’s really nice having this come together,” Libby says.

“Guests can go to the bar and the restaurant and then return to their little cabin which is really peaceful and serene, you feel like you are a million miles away.”

And that’s exactly what so many of us are searching for after the chaos of the past few years.

Cupitt's winery accommodation pods. Credit: Cupitt's Estate.
Cupitt's winery accommodation pods. Credit: Cupitt's Estate.

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