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Cuba in style with Adventure Associates

Cuba in style with Adventure Associates

Cuba is a land where the people are warm, the sun is shining and the sand is white. It is a land of pirates, heroes, revolutionaries, poets, music and cigars!

Stay in the best hotels in Cuba including the iconic Saratoga Hotel in the capital of Havana, see classic old American cars from the ’40s and ’50s cruise the streets whilst the intoxicating rhythms heard everywhere you go transport you back in time.

In Viñales serene valleys dotted with palm trees, tobacco fields and limestone outcrops punctuate a landscape that is picturesque and peaceful. Centuries-old methods of growing and manufacturing tobacco still exist here in this fertile region.

In the provincial town of Santa Clara, famous for its association with Che Guevara, wander the vibrant town plaza, the Parque Vidal, surrounded by colonial buildings including the Arts Museum and Jose Marti Library. Santiago de Cuba, well known for its traditional Cuban music, is also known as the cradle of the revolution, and is another of Cuba’s most picturesque regions with its distinctly African-Cuban flavor.

These are just some of the highlights on Adventure Associates 14-day all-inclusive Cubanissimo tour escorted by Latin America expert Robyn Smith.

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