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Cryotherapy review: we put pampering to the test at Cryospa Clinics Crows Nest

In the heart of buzzing Crows Nest, Sydney sits Cryospa Clinics, a little oasis, offering complete bliss for the mind, body and soul.

Reviewer: Nicola McClean
Address: 21 Falcon St, Crows Nest NSW 2065
Date: February 2021
Best for: Athletes, those with injuries and anyone looking to enhance their overall health.

Cryospa Clinics offering includes cryotherapy, an infrared sauna and a himalyan salt room. Image supplied.

The concept

Revitalise, re-energise and rejuvenate. The Crows Nest local brings world-class scientifically-backed treatments to you. Their offerings include an infrared sauna, cryotherapy, the himalayan salt room and normatec compression therapy. These are perfect for recovering athletes, those needing a mental holiday sans airfare, and those wanting to improve their overall well-being.

The Signature factor

A plush robe and ugg boots is your uniform here. Cryospa Clinics’ priority is your comfort and the whole experience ensures you are as comfortable as possible during and between treatments.

First impressions

“Won’t being immersed in a chamber set to minus 140 degrees Celsius cause frostbite?” Adrenaline takes over and I disregard all doubt. I am so incredibly excited to dive into this unique and raved about experience!”

Experience extreme cold during cryotherapy and then extreme heat in the infrared sauna. © @cryospaclinics @sanadanielle

The Cryospa experiences

Cryotherapy treatment is what I’ll start with. I remove my robe and strip down into a swimsuit or underwear wearing just ugg boots and gloves to protect my extremities (plus some earmuffs for the benefit of my Instagram feed).

I enter the 140-degree-Celcius capsule. My whole body is exposed, only my head is protected. You can definitely feel the chill, however, it’s much more bearable than ice baths I’ve endured, the reason being, the experience uses nitrogen mist to cool the chamber rather than ice which directly burns the skin.

Feel the cryospa chill. Image supplied.

Cryotherapy has a history dating back to 2500 BCE where it was used to treat pain and inflammation, however, the whole-body cryotherapy treatment we know today was first invented in Japan in the 1970s. Cryospa Clinics uses the best in technology to bring this to clients.

The benefits of cryotherapy

  • Muscle and joint pain relief
  • Weight loss
  • Rejuvenated and revitalised skin, which was my most notable improvement
  • Mental clarity and an energy booster, which also drastically improved straight after the session

The infrared sauna

Following this, I don my robe and make my way to the infrared sauna. The founder, Mitchell has advised me beforehand to follow extreme cold with extreme heat as this is most beneficial. This gives me a good dose of contrast therapy, which comes with a plethora of benefits including increased circulation, decreased inflammation and increased energy and alertness.

I step into the infrared sauna room and immediately am flushed with optimism. I welcome the warmth on my skin and prepare for a 45-minute session at 70-degrees Celsius, 210 degrees warmer than the cryotherapy I endured. Bliss!

Cryospa has a TV within the room for the most enjoyable experience. I browse Netflix and select, ‘The Office’ to keep me entertained during treatment. I open the sauna door and indulge in the ambience of the coloured infrared lights, the heat in my body and the humour on screen.

Infrared sauna in Sydney by AG Designs in Sydney

The results

Infrared saunas use lamps instead of, or in conjunction with conventional heat to further penetrate the body tissue, to warm up your body before warming the air. In the sauna, only 20 per cent of the heat goes towards heating the air. An incredible 80 per cent heats the body. This results in more intense sweats and an increased core temperature by two degrees. This explains why it looks like I’ve jumped in the ocean, my bikini saturated. Infrared saunas are incredible for detoxification, relief from sore muscles and joints, weight loss through increasing your metabolism, and relaxation.

45 minutes is up and a cold shower awaits me. I usually despise these, however, following the intense heat, I enjoy the relief.

Chromotherapy in the Himalayan Salt Room

Refreshed and dry, I rug back up in my gown ready for the final stage of treatment, the Himalayan Salt Room. I’ve been looking forward to this since my arrival. Respiratory benefits are the main attraction of the salt room. Here’s hoping it helps my terrible allergies. The benefits of salt date back to its discovery in 1843. A Polish Physician noticed salt mine workers experienced fewer respiratory problems than others.

The chromotherapy spectrum

Before entering, I select a chromotherapy cycle for the salt room. Chromotherapy relates to the seven spectrum colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, each resonating with the energy of the seven main chakras of the body. This has huge psychological and spiritual benefits, the perfect accompaniment to the salt room where deep breathing is advised to maximise respiratory benefits.

The cryotherapy colour spectrum. Image supplied.

I slide open the door of the salt cave and fall in instant love. I step foot on the violet-hued floor and am excited to discover the pebbly texture is in fact medical grade salt. As I sit in the reclining chair I focus on my breath and note the room slowly changing from blue to turquoise and violet, my selected cycle. My mind quietens. My eyes close. I succumb to the serenity and fall asleep.

The blinds slowly open to let in the sunlight and it’s like I’ve woken from the most beautiful dream. I feel fresh and so at peace. In just two hours I feel transformed and am ready to restart the day with a fresh perspective and newfound energy.

Final verdict

For the ultimate holistic transformation, Cryospa Clinics is the place to go.


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