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China’s home-grown Beluga caviar

Peninsula-Shanghai-branded-BelugaLike champagne and truffle, caviar is edible luxury and a statement of so much more than taste. The Peninsula Shanghai is a hotel that prides itself on toeing the line between tradition and innovation, and in the first-ever Chinese-produced Beluga caviar, it has met its match.

Kaluga Queen’s 200,000sqm farm, found on the shores of Thousand Island Lake in Hangzhou, is the first sustainable sturgeon aquaculture farm in Asia, and the only one in China to be recognised with international certification. After 10 years of nurturing its first sturgeons, 2014 saw the inaugural harvest of Chinese Beluga caviar.

The partnership between The Peninsula Shanghai and Kaluga Queen has seen this coveted ‘black gold’ become the centrepiece of the Caviar Afternoon Tea, a showcase of a guest’s choice of Ocietra, Shrencki or Beluga pearls served in a traditional fashion with blinis and crème fraiche. The chefs of Yi Long Court and Sir Elly’s will also make use of the delicacy, preparing seasonal selections with refinement. Should you wish to take the complex flavours home, The Peninsula Boutique will also be stocking 30ml and 100ml servings for caviar connoisseurs on the go.


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