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The inspiration behind Deborah Hutton’s stunning new hat range

 Australian media personality Deborah Hutton has designed an exquisite range of UPF 50+ hats following a frightening brush with skin cancer. 

Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton will be available at and in select stores from September 15, 2021, ranging in price from $95 to $195. 

Hutton’s hat inspiration

In mid-2020, Hutton underwent surgery to remove two basal cell carcinomas from her face. She shared the dramatic images of her skin graft, prior to the removal of her stiches as a warning to others to stay sun-safe.

The surgery would be Hutton’s second brush with skin cancer, having survived an earlier removal nine years ago.

Australians are well versed in slip, slop, slap. But Hutton said she was shocked to discover many hats didn’t actually offer enough protection from UV rays.

“The strong Australian UV rays were still penetrating the material,” she said.

“I had just assumed that any hat gave you full protection from the sun.”

Beautiful and sun-safe

A chance meeting with the specialist sun hat supplier, RIGON headwear, led to the idea of Hutton creating a signature range of hats that would give more than just shade protection.

Canopy Bay by Deborah Hutton is the result of months of design and research. The stylish range is certified Made in Australia, from UPF50+ sun-protective material.

“I wanted to make it my mission to share the message that your favourite hat may not be doing its job, and a UPF 50+ material is proven to be more sun protective in blocking the harsh rays of the sun,” Hutton said.

For travellers, most hats in the Canopy Bay collection conveniently pack flat and regain shape when you unpack. Many are also water-friendly so you can wear them in the pool.

Best of all, they do not leave a hat mark on the forehead when removed, and the internal size adjustor allows you to keep the hate securely on your head, even in a gale.

Canopy Bay Deborah Hutton.
Canopy Bay Deborah Hutton. Images supplied


If the Canopy Bay range has one standout, it’s the stunning wide brim ‘Carla’ hat, named in memory of designer, Carla Zampatti, who died while the Hutton was designing the range.

“I wanted to acknowledge her enormous contribution to Australian fashion and felt this was a suitable way to remember her, having known her since I started modelling in the early 80’s,” Hutton said.

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