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British Airways launches ‘nap pods’ for first class passengers

Need a 20-minute nap before your flight? British Airways new nap pods offer the perfect solution.

British Airways has installed nap pods into a new London Heathrow first-class ‘Forty Winks’ lounge.

Known as “EnergyPods” the futuristic seats recline to elevate the feet and promote relaxation.

BA nap pods
British Aiwarys nap pods.

The nap pods feature high-quality synthetic leather upholstery. It’s smooth and soft to promote comfort and relaxation.

Passengers can store their belongings in two internal compartments and the nap pod has ample space for a bag.

Each pod comes with an adjustable privacy visor to block out distractions and help you sleep.

Passengers can download relaxing audio tracks. But they must set a timer in order to avoid missing their flight.

When you wake up, the staff will have water and hot towels waiting.

British Airways
British Airways

How to access the first class nap pods

The Heathrow First Class ‘Forty Winks’ lounge currently has seven pods.

The service is complimentary and operates on a self-service basis so customers do not need to pre-book. You can use the ‘Your Menu’ first class lounge app to check if a nap pod is available in real-time.

When open, Concorde Room customers will be able to book an EnergyPod via dedicated hosts, request a time they would like to be woken and choose a hot beverage to enjoy after their rest.

The idea for the nap pods came from a survey of British Airways lounge customers completed in 2019, Tom Stevens, British Airways’ Director of Brand and Customer Experience said.

“Sleep pods were right at the top of their list,” he said.

“Our ’Forty Winks’ nap lounges will offer a dedicated rejuvenation space for customers as they return to the skies, all self-serviced via the ‘Your Menu’ lounge app.

“Beating jetlag and catching a snooze on the go has never been easier.”

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Feature image credit: British Airways.

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