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Brand-new Excellence Class on the Glacier Express setting new standards

Train lovers will now have the opportunity to enjoy a super-luxurious experience on board the brand-new Excellence Class of Switzerland’s Glacier Express, the world’s slowest express train.

Already one of the most exclusive rail experiences in Switzerland and around the world where passengers travel across 291 bridges and through 91 tunnels on an eight-hour journey between St Moritz and Zermatt, Excellence Class was created in response to the many passengers’ requests for a top-class offering in terms of experience, service and quality.

The result of this project, which began in 2016, is two brand-new 20-seater coaches boasting a lavish design concept and service that will now be a permanent addition to the Glacier Express.

Available for booking from December, the Glacier Express’ new Excellence Class promises passengers the highest level of comfort, guaranteed window seats, more space and a dedicated bar: the Glacier Bar.

In addition to being thoroughly spoiled throughout the journey by the spectacular views, passengers will also enjoy the personal concierge service on board, which includes luggage service in a dedicated lockable Excellence Class section, in-depth knowledge of the route, full day catering and a delectable regional five-course meal including accompanying wines.

The Glacier Express will start operating its Excellence Class from 2 March 2019. Travellers should note that seat reservations (CHF450) must be made and added to their corresponding First Class ticket or Swiss Travel Pass.

Take a 360° view of the train here.

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