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KNOW THE ROPES: How to choose the right boat for your adventures

Before you purchase a boat, you need to carefully consider how you want to use it.

To have your own boat is the stuff of dreams. It’s one of the best ways to explore Australia and gives you the freedom and flexibility to take off whenever you want. But before you start to scan boat sales advertisements, you should clearly define the type of holiday you’re dreaming of. 

Because not all boats are built the same.

Some are designed for long days entertaining and sipping champagne in calm waters. Others are built for weekend adventures, powering through the ocean to reach hidden island beaches and back again. Some cater for long sailing adventures on the Whitsundays or a combination of all three. 

Pick the wrong boat, and you’re not making the most of your holiday.

boat sales SYdney
Boating on Sydney Harbour. Credit: Eyachts

As the founding partner of Multihull Group, Eyachts and Cobli, Peter Hrones has more than 30 years of experience selling more than 600 boats in Australia and New Zealand. It’s fair to say he’s an expert in matching the right boat to the right person.

His award-winning dealerships exclusively import some of Europe’s best powerboats and multihulls into the country.

“As a group, we pride ourselves on offering the perfect vessel for everyone, no matter what their lifestyle or desires,”  Hrones said.

“Our primary goal is to bring high-end yachts which are well suited to our incredible but also challenging waterways all over Australia.”

Pardo boats for sale
Find Pardo boats for sale at Eyachts Australia. Credit: Eyachts

The perfect boat for you… may not be all yours

It’s also important to note that you don’t have to buy the whole boat. Cobli, a company wholly owned by the exclusive importers of Axopar, Pardo and Lagoon Catamarans, allows Australians to secure shared ownership of luxury boats.

The company currently has opportunities for syndication in Axopars in Sydney and Lagoons based in Pittwater with yearly trips to the Whitsundays. Cobli manages and maintains all the vessels to the highest of standards, so boat ownership is easy.

It’s a smart investment because all vessels are brought in new and exited within 3 years to maximise a high resale value, which means; more equity is returned to each owner. And you always have a new boat.

Sydney Harbour, Axopar, The Multi-Hull Group, boat sales in NSW
Family and friends enjoying Axopar 37 Sun Top on Sydney Harbour

Luxury entertaining boats for harbour cruising

If you want to buy a boat for social gatherings and luxury entertainment, you should look at the Pardo. This boat’s alfresco areas and Italian luxury finishes make it the perfect entertainer.

Pardo’s design was a collaboration between the Cantiere del Pardo in-house design team and renowned Italian designers Zucherri Yacht Design. The carbon T-Top is made by Lamborghini and each detail shows the model’s true Italian flair.

No matter which size you choose, this incredible boat will deliver a smooth and fast ride. It’s perfectly suited for day trips on Sydney Harbour or the Hawkesbury. You can even pull into a quiet bay overnight as this exquisite boat has space for four people to sleep in the biggest cabin of its class.

Pardo boats for sale
Pardo. Credit: Eyachts

“Pardo is the ultimate entertainer, every area onboard from the bow lounge to the aft dining area is made for socialising, with plenty of room for more than 12 guests across the range,” Hrones said.

The’ stylish walkaround range features models between 38 and 50ft. If you want to go further, the endurance model is a stunning 60ft. The E60 features two lateral terraces to create an area of 33㎡ dedicated to relaxation and socialising.

“Pardo is the pinnacle of luxury, they look sexy on the water but they’re also functional,” Hrones said.

Pardo 38 and 43 will arrive in Sydney soon for delivery before summer.

The Endurance 60 is the first in the range and is designed for those who want to go the extra mile. The E60 features two lateral terraces to create an area of 33㎡ dedicated to relaxation and socialising.

Scroll through the models of Pardo below and find out how to purchase a Pardo at Eyachts

Pardo boats for sale
The classy Pardo. Credit: Eyachts.

The best anchorages for your new Pardo

This beautiful boat is perfect for Sydney Harbour or The Hawkesbury. Think long sunny days, champagne, shared seafood platters and a great group of friends.

In the harbour, try Castle Rock near Clontarf. This gorgeous beach has a natural waterfall and can only be accessed by boat or by foot. On the eastern side, try Milk Beach, a tiny stretch of sand right in front of the historic and heritage-listed Strickland House in Vaucluse. It has stunning views of the city skyline and you can fish, snorkel or swim from the boat.

Head to The Hawkesbury if you want a little more privacy. Jerusalem Bay, hidden along the river, is famous for its wild swimming, cliff jump and Indigenous carvings. After you get your adrenaline rush, boaters can head home via Cottage Point Inn for a fabulous meal paired with world-class wines. 

Portuguese Beach in Pittwater is an 80m stretch of sand hidden behind dense bushland and steep sandstone ridges. It’s practically impossible to reach unless you arrive by boat so you’re guaranteed fewer crowds.

Boat sales NSW Sydney

The best boat for offshore and harbour cruising

The Pardo can definitely handle the offshore heat but if you are looking for a boat that is ready for a rough adventure, “performance” is Axopar’s middle name.

Axopar is the fastest-growing company in the luxury boat market, for good reason. This luxury boat offers speed, comfort and adventure afloat. 

The company purposefully designed and engineered the boat to reduce drag and increase speed, efficiency and range. The steps combined with the overall low centre of gravity make the Axopar a joy to drive as you can tuck into tight turns at exceptional speeds.

But it’s the hydrodynamics of the hull that makes this boat one-of-a-kind. The Axopar is the luxury boat to buy if you want to head offshore.

“When you are going to offshore islands it is important to have a boat that you can trust,” Hrones said.

“For Axopar it is the twin stepped hull and cutting bow that slices through waves and gets you from A to B fast and comfortably.”

The Axopar boats for sale

The Axopar’s hull is the difference between arriving at your destination soaked in sea spray, or completely dry and comfortable. It can handle unexpected weather systems, such as the squalls that often overtake the water near Moreton Island.

Gold Coast Axopar owner Dave said he was “too intimidated” to take the trip to Moreton Island before he purchased his new boat. But “the Axopar inspires confidence”.

“With the comfort of the cabin, even when the weather did turn ugly and guests were onboard, everyone felt safe and secure,” he said.

Axopar boats for sale

WA’s Rottnest Island has long been the vacation of choice for Perth families. Just 19 kilometres offshore from Fremantle, this car-free slice of paradise is covered with secluded beaches and bays. 

But the trip to Rottnest can be wild if you don’t have the right type of boat. The “Freemantle Doctor”, a strong afternoon sea breeze from the southwest, is particularly common in the summer. This wind can make conditions challenging for many boaters. But with its clever design, the Axpoar handles the waves with ease.

Jasmyn recently purchased an Axopar 37 and said the boat comfortably sliced through rough 1.5m swell on the trip from Freemantle to Rottnest.

“I cannot believe how dry we all were, it was really good to come across in weather like that to see how amazingly the boat performs and I was super impressed,” she said.

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Models of Axopar

While the Axopar handles offshore trips beautifully, it’s also a fantastic choice for cruising on Sydney Harbour, Pittwater or the Gold Coast’s Broadwater. But you CAN take this boat offshore if you desire and know that you will be safe and comfortable (and dry) when you do.

Whether you are a seasoned boat owner or new to boating life, Axopar has a model for every kind of adventure.

The highly versatile boats can be adapted to suit your purpose, your family and your environment. 

Take a look at some of the models below:

Long luxury cruises – The Lagoon

If you want to use your boat to sail around the Great Barrier Reef, the Kimberley or Tasmania, you should consider a Lagoon catamaran.

Catamarans’ two hulls give them enormous spaces and cruising potential for long-range journeys. This also increases stability and comfort onboard.

Lagoons are no ordinary catamarans, however. This boat offers “luxury unrivalled by any other in this class.” It’s often considered a “home away from home” with all essential appliances for any adventure so you can afford to spend more time exploring remote destinations.

In the remote Kimberley’s you can use your Lagoon to privately cruise quiet waterways where red rock meets the ocean and waterfalls tumble down valleys. You can also use a Lagoon to travel privately through the Bass Strait  To Tasmania. Pick your ideal weather window and you’ll gain the confidence to take on longer crossings. 

John Pruim recently bought his 4th Lagoon from Multihull group, a Lagoon 50, and says the catamaran was the right choice from the start.

“Lagoon catamarans allow you to go from A to B safely, easily, and reliably,” he said.

“There is a sense of comfort and space, perfect for being a house on the water.”

“When sailing, things can go wrong from time to time, but I know and trust the exceptional build of Lagoons.”

Boat sales
The Lagoon. Credit: Multihull Group.

In Australia, The Multihull Group is the exclusive importer of Lagoon catamarans. Lagoon has always been an industry leader. Each model is unique with standout innovative features and they can be custom-built for your requirements.

The Multihull Group currently imports 11 different models of Lagoon. Head to their website to find out more.

It’s also good to know that Lagoon is part of the world’s largest boat manufacturing group – Group Bénéteau. The financial stability and buying power leave you safe in the knowledge that you are acquiring a great value, trusted product.

Scroll through the different models of Lagoon below.

boat sales in NSW
Lagoon 78 at Farm Bay

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