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Bali Villa Escapes: The benefits of renting a private villa

Skip the resort and rent a villa for an immersive Bali experience.

Few holiday destinations have endeared themselves to Australian travellers such as Bali – the tiny Indonesian island offers an enviable blend of adventure, culture and relaxation that brings visitors back time and again. Does it get any better than postcard-perfect beaches, ancient rainforests and a culture infused with genuine warmth and hospitality?

The short answer is yes – with the added privacy and luxury of a villa stay in one of Bali’s magnificent beachfront regions. Offering an enhanced personal connection that is all but impossible to find within the boundaries of a hotel or resort experience, renting a private villa allows guests to dive more deeply into the country’s culture and its people. And what’s more, some villas are truly out-of-this-world, delivering a much more luxurious retreat than even the top resort suites.

Most of the villa rentals are in the tourist hot spots of Seminyak, Uluwatu or the now popular Canggu area. Travellers who are lucky enough to stay in a villa will find that they never go back to hotel accommodation again.

The team at Bali Villa Escapes have been in this business for well over 15 years and have an extensive range of luxury Seminyak villas for you to choose from. In addition, the factor that really separates them from other websites is that you are paying in Australian dollars. Plus there is a team on the ground in Bali who will be able to help you if you need anything. That’s real customer service!

Villa Anjali Green, Bali Villa Escapes
Villa Anjali Green

The space…

The most immediate benefit of a villa stay in Bali is, of course, the added space which – whether honeymooning or holidaying as a family or with a larger group – is a luxury that cannot be overstated. Whereas most hotel suites offer a maximum of one or two bedrooms, a villa comes with as many as six bedrooms as well as large open-plan living and entertaining areas. This is particularly beneficial for families visiting Bali, who not only avoid the hassle and expense of adding extra hotel rooms to accommodate everyone, but are able to enjoy their holiday together in a beautiful, shared space.

Villa Feronia, Bali Villa Escapes
Villa Feronia

The privacy…

With so many tourists visiting Bali each year, privacy can be hard to come by – but not when staying in a luxury villa. Immerse yourself fully in the hustle and bustle of trendy Seminyak or the relaxed beachside vibes of Canggu before retiring to your own private corner of the island. Even within your villa, you can choose to gather together with your group in the large indoor and outdoor entertaining areas or find your own sun-filled nook to curl up in with a book and forget about the world.

A defining feature of a villa stay in Bali is private pool access, meaning you can say goodbye to crowded resort pools, and many also include private media rooms, gyms and outdoor gazebos – allowing guests to fully embrace the Balinese tradition of peaceful living. Access to 24-hour concierge, butler and babysitting services often comes as standard, ensuring your every need is met.

Villa Manis, Bali Villa Escapes
Villa Manis

The connection…

No matter where you go in the world, staying in a hotel room can sterilise your experience – replacing cultural idiosyncrasies with uniform cream walls, display furniture and starched sheets. This would be a particular shame in Bali, where so much of the experience derives from the country’s uniquely warm and vibrant national flavour.

Luckily, visitors to the ‘Island of the Gods’ can have a truly authentic experience and feel a profound sense of place with a stay in a private villa. Not only do the architectural details and interior decor reflect genuine Balinese style, but guests will experience traditional hospitality firsthand from the moment of arrival – with free airport pickup – through to interactions with a dedicated staff, including a private chef serving up delicious traditional fare.

Villa Amsa, Bali Villa Escapes
Villa Amsa

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Lead image: Villa Dewi Lanjar