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Holistic wellbeing in the heart of Bali

Amidst the serene landscapes and cultural richness of Ubud, embark on a path of rejuvenation and self-discovery at Gdas Bali Health and Wellness Resort.

Surrounded by the lush landscapes and vibrant cultural tapestry of Ubud, the Gdas Bali Health and Wellness Resort stands as a beacon of tranquillity and rejuvenation. The resort offers meticulously crafted wellness programs, with opulent accommodations, and delectable dining. It’s a sanctuary where guests can embark on a transformative journey towards holistic health.

Bali Health and Wellness programs for every body

Gdas Bali Health and Wellness Resort is more than just a resort; it’s a holistic haven designed to cater to the needs of the mind, body, and soul. The resort’s wellness programs are at the heart of this mission. Each program is carefully curated by an expert team of herb specialists, doctors and nutritionists who provide guests with a comprehensive approach to wellbeing. From mindfulness activities such as yoga and meditation, to a modern wellness technology including cryotherapy, colonic, and oxygen therapy.

Detox: Cleansing from within

In a world filled with environmental pollutants and hectic lifestyles, detoxification has become essential for optimal health. Gdas Bali’s Detox program is a guided journey that aids the body’s natural cleansing processes. From a 3-, 5-, or 9-day program with nutrient-rich plant-based meals, rejuvenating activities, including yoga and massage treatments, and expert guidance, guests can eliminate toxins, boost energy levels, and experience renewed vitality.

Sleep: Replenishing for restful nights

Sleep is the cornerstone of wellness, yet modern life often disrupts our natural sleep cycles. Gdas Bali’s Sleep Well program delves into sleep science, offering personalised strategies to improve sleep quality. From Sunrise Walking Meditation to calming pre-sleep rituals, guests can embrace restorative sleep patterns that promote overall well-being.

Gdas Bali Health and Wellness yoga
Embark on a transformative journey towards health © Gdas Bali Health and Wellness Resort

Balance Mind: Nurturing mental harmony

Achieving a balanced state of mind can be elusive amid life’s demands. Gdas Bali’s Balance Mind program combines mindfulness, meditation, and stress-reduction techniques to cultivate mental equilibrium. Learn to manage stress, enhance focus, foster emotional resilience, participate in Chakra and Restorative yoga, and indulge in spa treatments within the tranquil surroundings of the resort.

Body Balance: Harmonising the physical self

Modern lifestyles often lead to imbalances within the body, resulting in discomfort and diminished vitality. The Body Balance program employs a holistic approach, blending personalised fitness routines, nourishing cuisine, and specialised therapies to align the body’s systems. A journey towards physical equilibrium through hatha yoga sessions, invigorating Daily Gdas activities, and soothing massages.

Indulgent Bali accommodation

Gdas Bali boasts accommodation that seamlessly blend luxury with the tranquillity of nature. The resort offers two room types across its 27 rooms and villas, from spacious Grand Deluxe overlooking the rice terraces to private two-storey Prestige Pool Villas nestled within the tropical gardens with a design inspired by the regal Javanese joglo with its distinct roofs and the traditional houses of Sumatra with their tall stilts and imposing pillars.

Each room type is meticulously designed to provide a serene retreat with natural wood, black stone, and glass ceiling-to-floor windows. Modern amenities include a king-sized bed, rainfall shower, deep soaking tub, and ornaments handmade by local Balinese craftsmen. All with breathtaking views that inspire an immediate sense of serenity.

Culinary nourishment

Gdas Bali’s commitment to well-being extends to its culinary offerings. The resort’s Tangi Restaurant offers world-class vegan dishes with fresh, locally sourced ingredients that nourish the body and tantalise all the senses. Vibrant plant-based dishes are served in the tropical dining hall with a striking view of Mas’ lush jungle. The menu integrates healthy vegan recipes that represent the long-standing tradition of Balinese cuisine, with every bite nourishing and in keeping with the resort’s ethos of holistic living.

Beyond the resort

While the wellness programs and luxurious accommodations are undoubtedly the show’s stars, Gdas Bali Health and Wellness Resort also facilitates cultural immersion. Ubud, renowned as Bali’s cultural heart, is at your doorstep. Take part in traditional ceremonies, explore local markets, and engage with the artistic and spiritual heritage that defines the region.

Gdas Bali Health and Wellness Resort aerial view
Nestled amidst the lush landscapes and vibrant cultural tapestry of Ubud © Gdas Bali Health and Wellness Resort

Start your journey to health

Gdas Bali Health and Wellness Resort is more than just a destination; it’s a transformative journey towards complete well-being. Whether you seek to detoxify your body, achieve better sleep, find mental harmony, or restore physical balance, Gdas Bali’s wellness programs are designed to guide you towards optimum health.

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