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Authentic ways to live the Amazon

Picture yourself waking up in the Peruvian Amazon: it may have been a childhood dream, or perhaps it’s a goal born from a lifetime spent exploring the world. Either way, Rainforest Expeditions is committed to bringing your dream to life as a personalised experience where you do not have to sacrifice comfort for adventure; where you will embrace nature with excursions designed for the discerning explorer.

Leopard in the Amazon
© Paul Bertner

The Rainforest Expeditions Lodges have been connecting world travellers with pristine Amazon forestland for three decades. Adventurers of all ages land in Tambopata, a biodiversity hotspot in the Southeastern Peruvian rainforest, and are welcomed with fresh and unexpected ways to live immersed in nature.

Chuncho Click Lick
© Frank Pichardo

At the lodges, guests become explorers of the new century, holding the torch of Charles Darwin as they search for new species alongside researchers. Children enjoy a rare and privileged experience as they collect relevant data for the conservation of the forest, learning fascinating details about this unique ecosystem and its inhabitants.

© Frank Pichardo

Wildlife lovers will find themselves amid privileged settings: these forests are home to the Amazon’s top keystone species including the jaguar, giant river otter and harpy eagle, which help balance other rainforest dwellers such as tapirs, red brocket deer, giant armadillos and anteaters.

Dawn visits to parrot and macaw clay-licks will provide guests with a sweet cacophony to echo in their memories, or for something more tangible, photographers will be delighted to capture frames of the eight species of New World monkeys that inhabit the lodge’s surroundings. Be on particular lookout for the spider monkey, the largest species within the Tambopata National Reserve.

Night walks in the Amazon

Rainforest Expeditions challenges industry expectations that adventure and indulgence can’t be matched. Intrepid luxury lovers can immerse themselves in nature with long walks through the forest, or perhaps mountain biking, before relishing in a pampering massage back at the lodge.

In your room, take an indulgent bubble bath framed by sweeping views of the surrounding forest, and in the evenings, find a quiet place to stretch out under a blanket of stars lighting the Peruvian sky…

Red howler Monkeys in the Amazon
© Paul Bertner

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