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Australian Olympic snowboarder, Torah Bright, creates the ultimate road trip with Porsche

Australian Olympic snowboarder, Torah Bright, creates the ultimate road trip with Porsche

From Bondi Beach to the slopes of Thredbo, Torah Bright’s favourite winter journey is a true Porsche adventure.

I love the snow, so travelling from Sydney to Thredbo in winter time is an absolute must. When I get word that a snow storm is on its way, I pack my bags, load my Porsche Cayenne and get on my way. The 5.5-hour trip is one that I do quite often, so my rituals are always the same – pump some tunes, listen to a podcast or two, and enjoy the company of whomever is on the adventure with me. I always stop over in my home town of Cooma to say “hi” to my parents, then continue on my way to Thredbo.

Being comfortable on a long road trip to the mountains so you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to take on the slopes is really important, and luckily for me, my Cayenne has it all – perfect for all conditions and terrains, great technology and super spacious. This road trip is my favourite because of the different scenery you see on the way – from city driving to highway cruising to the snow-covered mountain roads.

Once in Thredbo, there’s so much to do! From the flare run and snow play, to the longest run in the Southern Hemisphere, there’s activities for both adults and children. The flare run has been a Thredbo favourite for over 30 years. Every Saturday night skiers and snowboarders light up the Supertrail with flaming flares and travel from top to bottom – it’s really beautiful to watch. You can also go tubing, tobogganing and build a snowman with your family and friends.

The most important tip I have is to not work too hard on the mountain and leave some time to enjoy the amazing food. On the mountain, Kareela Hutte is by far the best experience with a European feel and delicious food. If you’re keen on exploring the surrounding area, I would recommend spending some time at the Wildbrumby Schnapps Distillery. You’ll find it 10 minutes outside of Thredbo towards Jindabyne. The Distiller’s Plate and veal schnitzel are my picks – enjoy the beautiful property while sampling a range of schnapps flavours.