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Aston Martin rebuilds James Bond’s DB5 with all the Goldfinger gadgets

The first new DB5 in more than 50 years has rolled off the line and is full of 007’s favourite toys.

The popularity of Aston Martin cars has always been tied to the world-famous secret agent. And the most famous 007 car – in fact, the most famous car in any movie- or TV-related franchise, according to research – is the Aston Martin DB5 first featured in the 1964 classic Goldfinger.

Less than 900 original Aston Martin DB5s were produced between 1963 and 1965. In the past 20 years, the price of these models skyrocketed, with one of the surviving examples changing hands in 2019 for US$6.4 million.

Now, Aston Martin has unveiled its latest replica of James Bond’s DB5, selling for around US$3.5 million to a lucky but small group of drivers. Just 25 limited-edition models will roll off the assembly line, after 4,500 hours of meticulous construction, each jam-packed with 007 gadgets.

The car’s exterior includes revolving triple license plates, a rear smoke screen and oil slick delivery system, faux twin machine guns, battering rams on the front and rear, a tire slasher and a bullet-resistant shield.

Meanwhile, the interior is fitted with a radar, a hidden weapons tray, a telephone on the driver’s door, custom switchgear (which sits inside the armrest) and a removable passenger seat roof – should your sidekick need to make a quick exit. The remake does not meet modern safety standards, so it can only be driven on private land.

All the Goldfinger Continuation DB5s will be painted the same shade of Silver Birch that the Q Branch issued Mr Bond and, much like the original, will feature an aluminium body, mild steel chassis and identical leather interior and dash. Under the hood, they’re powered by a 4.0-litre inline-six engine that’s capable of delivering 290 hp.

“The DB5 is, without question, the most famous car in the world by virtue of its 50-plus year association with James Bond,” Marek Reichman, CCO of Aston Martin Lagonda, said in a press release. “To see the first customer car finished, and realize that this is the first new DB5 we have built in more than half a century, really is quite a moment.”

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Lead image: Aston Martin DB5 © Max Earey

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