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Art in action in Asia

Venturing out and about is not always necessary when it comes to exploring a destination’s art culture.

All over Asia it’s onward and upward with the arts as hotels deepen channels between their guests’ accommodation and their access to art.

Here are some hotels that are rewriting the rules of engagement between their guests and the local art scene.



Palace Hotel Tokyo, Japan

The Palace Hotel Tokyo itself can be considered a work of art after being named the best designed large hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2014.

But it’s the hotel’s multi-million dollar art collection that’s winning raves from guests. Featuring more than 1000 works of art from some of the country’s most talented, contemporary artists, each piece echos the hotel-wide commitment and insistence on natural connections.

“We set out to cater to the modern luxury traveller, and investing in quality art seemed like a natural part of the process,” said Masaru Watanabe, Palace Hotel Tokyo Executive Director & General Manager.


The Palace Hotel Tokyo Art Collection: Shikisai No Shita by Satoshy Uchiumi

The Reverie Saigon, Vietnam

Boasting interiors by some of the biggest names in design from Italy, The Reverie Saigon has created an immersive design experience.

From the marble floors, Venetian fabric covering the walls and the chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, the custom-made designs are leaving guests in awe.

Interiors of the four designer suites (individually appointed by Giorgetti, Visionnaire, and Provasi), The Saigon Suite and The Reverie Suite give guests a hands-on experience of exquisite in Italian design.

“I can’t think of any other property anywhere in the world that has brought together so many of Italy’s leading furnishings design brands,” said Giulio Cappellini, art director of the Milan-based Poltrona Frau Group and an iconic trendsetter in the industry.



The Reverie Saigon Romance Suite


Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit, Thailand

In 2015, the Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit reinvented its lobby to include a permanent installation of photographs by France’s Charles Maze and introduced S Gallery, the first art gallery inside a hotel in Bangkok, which features a new, exclusive exhibition every two months.



S Gallery Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit



Grand Hyatt Taipei, Taiwan 

Last year, the Grand Hyatt Taipei launched it’s first rotating art exhibition, featuring works by Mainland Chinese artist, Ming Xu, and his Taiwanese wife, Pai Chiu.

The hotel is well-known for its quirky installations, including a giant wooden sphere by Korean artist, Jae Hyo Lee, and a life-like sculpture of a “Standing Guard” made entirely from polyester resin by US artist, Marc Sijan. Both pieces belong to the hotel’s owner and are on permanent display in the lobby.

“We want our guests to be engaged and intrigued by the art, and not to feel like a corporate acquisition,” said Sammy Carolus, general manager of the Grand Hyatt Taipei.



The Grand Hyatt Taipei Lobby