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Inside the incredible $750k floating apartment

Fancy space away from everyone? One that’s sustainable and luxurious? This high-end, eco-friendly floating apartment allows you to reconnect with the elements on a sensory experience like nothing else on the planet.

French company Anthénea has spent more than 15 years creating the UFO-looking structures. And they’re finally ready to set sail.

Anthénea says any orders put in by June or July will be deployed by early 2022.

Coast along warm or icy waters © ANTHENEA

A fully equipped and furnished suite is €480,000 not including tax, around AU$759,000.

An open model that is unequipped and unfurnished will cost you €210,000 not including tax (around AU$332,000).

French naval architect Jean-Micheal Duacancelle imagined the unique design.

If you think it looks familiar, you’d be right, the villain’s lair from the 1977 James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me inspired Duacancelle’s design.

floating apartment
Step into the villain's lair © ANTHENEA

The 50-square-metre floating apartment features three living spaces: a living room with a sofa, wooden furniture curve dressed in waxed concrete, a 360 ° underwater observatory and a panoramic kitchen.

Upstairs you will find a rooftop bar-slash-lounge that can sit up to 12 guests.

You can choose to have one larger cabin that is ideal for couples. Otherwise, customise your floating oasis as a two- or three-cabin apartment, perfect for families or friends that need a bit of extra privacy.

The 360° oceanic observatory © ANTHENEA

An ergonomic design

The floating apartment is as ergonomic as it is luxurious.

A home automation system lets you control your pod entirely from your phone. But you won’t even need your phone to enter thanks to the automatic butterfly door opening.

It is a ‘4 seasons’ product, meaning it is suitable for a voyage on a warm lake in summer or for sail toward Icelandic snow.

Its spherical shape and seven-tonne weight mean that the Bond-inspired pod is more stable than a boat. It can remain stable in winds of up to 27 knots.

floating apartment
The spherical design means the floating apartment remains stable © ANTHENEA

An eco-friendly floating apartment

Anthénea’s best feature is its eco-responsible design. It guarantees zero emissions with fitted solar panels and powered by 100 per cent clean energy.

The pod sits like a “lotus flower” atop the waters having no impact on the underwater ecosystem.

It is customisable with silent motors so that marine life remains undisturbed.

At the end of its life, the construction, including all furniture is totally recyclable.

floating apartment
A resort of floating apartments © ANTHENEA

The pods can be used as your own exclusive oceanic oasis but Anthénea is also partnering with hoteliers to create a floating resort.

Anthénea also suggests the hotel suite could be used as a floating spa, restaurant or meeting room.

If you don’t want to buy your own, you can also rent one for $459 per night for two people.

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