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ANA Lounge Review: Haneda Airport, Tokyo

Traveller: Lisa Wagstaff
Location: Terminal 2, Haneda Airport, Tokyo
Date: March 2024
Operating hours: 5am – until the last international flight departs from Terminal 2
Flight: Hokkaido to Sydney, stopping over at Tokyo Haneda

I’m on my way home from a ski trip in Hokkaido and a visit to the ANA Lounge at Haneda Airport during my stopover in Tokyo is very welcome. The lounge is minimalist and spacious with a live cooking station and ramen counter to make it feel uniquely Japanese. The lounge has free Wi-Fi, a range of comfortable seating options with charging ports (900 seats in total), newspapers and magazines.

The ANA Lounge in Tokyo has over 900 seats


I love the luxury of having a shower at the airport, and apparently, so do many of the other guests at the lounge. The shower area has its own entrance and a receptionist with a buzzer who will notify me when a shower is available. The wait time is 30 minutes, so it’s a good thing I went as soon as I arrived. The shower is spacious and the bathroom area has a towel railing and luggage stand to store my belongings. I am on an overnight flight so it’s fantastic to be able to shower beforehand.

Showers and bathrooms at ANA Lounge Terminal 2, Haneda Airport, Tokyo

Buffet and live cooking stations

While I wait for my shower, I survey the buffet. There are many Japanese options and a few Western ones. I opt for ANA’s Original Chicken Curry over rice but beef consommé soup, fried chicken, pasta and pork buns are available. Then there’s a chef making fresh kitsune (deep-fried tofu) with soba or udon noodles and pork broth ramen to order. Salads, sandwiches, rice balls and desserts are also on offer. In true Tokyo style, there are a number of machines pouring beers, coffee, tea and a variety of drinks. You can also help yourself to a selection of Japanese whiskeys and saké.

Buffet dining at ANA Lounge Terminal 2, Haneda Airport, Tokyo
The buffet at ANA Lounge Haneda Airport, Tokyo
Bar at ANA Lounge Haneda Airport, Tokyo

Kids’ room

The ANA Lounge at Haneda Airport has a kid’s playroom with kid-friendly movies, toys, soft flooring, and furniture for small people.

Kids play area at ANA Lounge Terminal 2, Haneda Airport, Tokyo
Chairs facing the windows at ANA Lounge Terminal 2, Haneda Airport, Tokyo
The ANA Lounge has over 900 seats

Paid lounge access

If lounge access is not included in your flight, you can pay for entry at the counter for JPY 12,000 or book online in advance for JPY 8,000.

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