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Aman is launching new sister brand focused on human interaction

Set to launch in 2022, Janu will make social connectedness and wellness a priority.

Following two years of research and development, Aman has unveiled plans to introduce a new sister brand named Janu, with an initial collection of three properties to launch in 2022. Janu Montenegro by Aman will be the maiden location.

Aman says the new brand will “deliver harmony through the dynamic balance of opposites.”

“While Aman is synonymous with its Sanskrit translation, ‘peace’, Janu stands for ‘soul’; Aman is a sanctuary, whereas Janu is connectedness; Aman offers refined respite, whereas Janu offers an energetic vibe for those seeking greater purpose with inner contentment,” the hotel group said.

The brands will share the same heritage and DNA – commitment to guests, deep roots in a destination, timeless design and service – but “Janu strikes out on a complementary path where genuine human interaction, playful expression and social wellness are at the core of the experience.”

Janu: Where life and soul align

Offering balance, Janu is founded on the belief that true luxury means never having to choose between personal fulfilment and pleasure.

“As more travellers seek the company of like-minded souls, a sense of purpose and a true feeling of locality as they discover the world, Janu answers the call for a contemporary approach to journeying with a conscious mind,” the hotel group said.

Doronin commented: “The overlap between Aman and its sibling is mutually beneficial; together they offer a total solution for the fluctuating needs and desires of today’s global travel cognoscenti. We saw a white space in the market, and we want to push the hotel industry into a new sphere. What with today’s modern fast-paced society, which has seen human connection and communication redefined by the digital world, we wanted to create a new hotel brand with a soul and with the aim of kick- starting human interaction again.”

A trio of Janu launch hotels

Janu launches with three forthcoming hotels which are already under construction: Montenegro (2022), Al Ula in Saudi Arabia (2022) and Tokyo (2022), as well as a robust pipeline of future hotels. Janu Montenegro will be the first hotel to incorporate the brand’s serviced residence concept.

The timeless yet contemporary design of each Janu hotel will be focused on space and light, featuring spacious guess rooms with expansive bathrooms.

Social wellness is at the core of the Janu experience with a focus on mind, body and soul. The ethos is centred on not only strengthening the body but also calming the spirit.  Expansive wellness facilities will offer cutting-edge experiences and treatments and access to the latest equipment as well as extensive hydro and thermal facilities.

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