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A world of gin

A world of gin

The Signature team taste-tests the new gins and expressions of long-time favourites that you’ll be drinking this spring.

The essence of Japan

Japanese craft gins have appeared on the international stage in the last year or so, but already Roku is emerging as the name to know. Suntory’s new release was quickly taken up by gin connoisseurs for its distinct expression of six Japanese botanicals, from the floral notes of sakura and green tea on the nose to the citrus top notes of yuzu on the palate. Roku, which means six, extends the theme to its design, which features the kanji symbol on a hexagonal bottle. Enjoy this elegant and refined gin on the rocks or as a G&T garnished with fresh slices of ginger for a Japanese twist. RRP $64.99

Drink pink

Pretty, feminine and fun – not to mention photogenic – pink gin uses the likes of berries, grapefruit, rhubarb or pomegranate (or a rosé wine base) to infuse the hue into the spirit itself. Gordon’s brought its Premium Pink Gin to Australia in May, a rose-tinted tipple that harnesses raspberries, strawberries and redcurrant to complement the underlying juniper flavour. The result is a sweet twist on Gordon’s London Dry Gin that turns a delicate blush colour when served as a cocktail. Garnish a ‘Pink & Tonic’ with wedges of strawberry in a large wine glass, or opt for a gin spritz. RRP $48

For a more local take on the trend, Poor Toms’ Strawberry Gin sees young ginger, hibiscus flowers and, of course, strawberries added to its signature Sydney Dry Gin base. The result is a rosy spirit made for spring sipping, best served as a Strawberry Gin Martini. RRP $75

Twice as nice

Tanqueray takes an exotic, citrus-infused trip with two new flavoured expressions: Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla and Tanqueray Rangpur. Both gins are an effortless way to mix up your G&T, whether with the bittersweet oranges of Seville or the rare Rangpur lime (a mandarin-citron hybrid) of Bangladesh. Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla combines the city’s famed citrus with orange blossom for a fruit-rich flavour, embodied by the amber hue that recalls sunsets in southern Spain. Serve as a G&T with a slice of orange, or add an extra dimension to a Negroni. Tanqueray Rangpur takes the lime-like taste of its eponymous citrus and adds ginger and bay leaves for a twist on the London Dry base. Although it makes a zesty G&T, garnished with a lemon wedge and mint, a Tom Collins is the ideal serve for this unique expression. RRP $65 each

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