For travellers who seek the finest that the world has to offer

A world of cultural discovery

Abercrombie & Kent’s exclusive portfolio of expert-led small group journeys takes guests to a variety of different destinations around the world.



The journeys are creatively designed with educational elements and local encounters that broaden the mind and deliver in-depth experiences of the destination. In Cambodia and Vietnam, join renowned chef Christine Manfield aboard luxury vessel Aqua Mekong from Siem Reap to Saigon for culinary wonders and menus that reflect her favourite flavours and cooking techniques. In India’s extraordinary Ladakh region, award-winning photographer and author, Palani Mohan, is your guide as you traverse the remote and rugged landscapes and vast valleys.



The ancient trade routes of Central Asia invite you discover the mountains and deserts of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, the heart of the Silk Road. A journey through Persia allows you to explore Iran’s ancient cities, World Heritage Sites and stunning gardens as you discover its 5000-year history. Immerse yourself in Japanese culture through visits to picturesque gardens, samurai villas and mountain villages, and finish by celebrating at the Takayama Festival.



Dr Charlie Gardner is your wildlife expert on a naturalist’s guide to Madagascar, filled with nature walks through national parks to discover the endemic flora and fauna of the island, including lemurs. In South America, Chile, Bolivia and Peru unveil the treasures of the Andes over 17 days, encompassing adventures through northern Chile, the salt flats of Bolivia and the high-altitude wonders of Lake Titicaca, Cusco and the Sacred Valley.



At the other end of the Earth, Norway is a winter wonderland where A&K guests visit historic Bergen, the Lofoten Islands, spend time above the Arctic Circle in Tromsø and see Aurora Borealis put on a show.



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