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A new fashion show standard is set at JFK airport

A new fashion show standard is set at JFK airport

Innovative fashion show producer and supermodel, Jessica Minh Anh, recently transformed the runway of John F. Kennedy International Airport into the first ever catwalk that highlighted the globally sustainable supply chain. The show “Runway on the Runway” aimed to spark a global conversation about shipping and logistics as part of the sustainable fashion movement.

Jessica Minh Anh has revolutionised modern catwalks with her unwavering focus on reinvention, cultural integration, technological advancement, extraordinary visual concepts and powerful messages. As an advocate for renewable energy and sustainability in the new age, Jessica launched a Fashion x Sustainability series that was designed to motivate the young generation to take action for a better future.

In adding DHL express into her sustainability series, Jessica Minh Anh has certainly made her mission clear, whilst redefining runway standards in the process. The astonishing catwalk showcased eight exquisite haute couture, ready-to-wear, and jewellery collections from four continents. Jessica Minh Anh opened the show at the entrance of a Boeing 767-400, before dropping down onto the runway. The supermodel appeared in a brilliantly crafted royal red dress by Peruvian artist, Ani Alvarez Calderon. An expert at fabric manipulation, three-dimensional embellishments and technological cuts, the haute couture designer put the traditional crafts into a new context.

The fashion line-up included Lebanese haute couturier, Dany Attrache, who showcased his powerful collection of nude, white, pink, gold, and black gowns made of fluid fabrics. His lavish designs, stand-out waistline and versatility effectively reflected a woman’s personality. The ultra-charismatic and bold jewellery collection by Blossom Box added another layer of intrigue to the runway, by creating a harmonious fusion of the East and the West. Designed in New York City and handcrafted by the finest artisans in India, the creative pieces combined modern luxury and tradition. Couture dresses from Australian fashion house Portia & Scarlett accompanied the collection, adding a modern touch to old Hollywood glamour. Alongside these inventive designers were Japanese power house, Yumi Katsura, who celebrated femininity with an extravagant bridal collection, Vietnamese ready-to-wear brand, RAP, which introduced a youthful and elegant pink pastel-coloured collection, and Vietnamese pret-a-couture brand, VUNGOC&SON, which showcased their bursting colours and textures and advanced hand-sewing techniques.

Jessica Minh Anh’s Winter Fashion Show 2020 marked her 25th highly successful productions since her history-making catwalk on London’s famous Tower Bridge. In a statement, Jessica comments that shipping and logistics are such a critical part of the fashion industry and it is therefore important to highlight the option of green logistics solutions, which help minimise environmental damages and reduce transport related emissions. Partnering with companies who prioritise the health of the planet, it is exciting to see what Jessica Minh Anh will do next.

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