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6 reasons to visit New Caledonia

6 reasons to visit New Caledonia

1. It has a variety of regions

Outback plains on the West Coast; tropical mountains on the East Coast; dazzling beaches in the Loyalty Islands; deserts in the Great South with buzzing city life in Noumea. Roll several different holidays into one.

2. There’s an adventure for everybody

Travellers in search of something a little more high-octane can skydive over the UNESCO Heritage-listed lagoon. For leisurely pursuits, indulge a penchant for wine and cheese at Noumea’s Port Moselle market followed by lunch at an authentic French restaurant.

3. It’s culturally rich

New Caledonia is a true melting pot of cultures, with French, Kanaks, Caledonians and more offering a unique cultural experience.

4. It has great food and wine

Enjoy fine French cuisine one day, fresh produce and local seafood the next, followed by a traditional Kanak bougna.

5. Its beaches are tranquil and aren’t overcrowded

Travellers weary of crowds will be thrilled by New Caledonia’s beaches, where stumbling upon a deserted patch of pristine sand is a regular occurence.

6. It’s less than three hours from Sydney

To perhaps save the best for last, this picture-perfect destination is right at your doorstep.

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