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5 best beaches to travel to in America and see with your ESTA visa

Travelling to the beaches of the United States of America is easy with an ESTA visa.

Beaches, especially in the United States of America, are at the top of everyone’s travel list come summer. It’s no secret that people come from all over the world to see America’s best beaches. Whether it’s a solo backpacker or a family with a few little ones in tow, beaches are the perfect vacation spot for some relaxing fun in the sun. Keen to see how American beaches stack up with the Aussie competition? You’ll need an ESTA visa, which is the travel authorisation required to enter the United States. Not sure if you’re eligible?

Despite all the kilometres of landlocked states, America still boasts some of the most scenic, diverse and mind-blowing beaches in the world. It all depends on what you’re after. Looking for days spent lounging on the beach, sipping cocktails while checking out the eye candy? Search no further than vibrant Miami Beach.

Is an empty landscape, without another soul in sight more your idea of nirvana? You’ll feel as if you have your own private beach at Kauapea Beach on Kauai.

America is the land of opportunity; what that really means is that there’s something for everyone. You just need search hard enough, or simply read on. Remember that you must apply for your ESTA visa at least 72 hours before your flight.

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South Beach: The Las Vegas of beaches

Easily one of the most famous beaches in America, South Beach, located in Miami, is worth the travel time, no matter where you hail from. Kilometres of white sand, umbrella drinks and more bronzed bodies than a tanning salon, the people-watching alone is worth the visit. Everyone from celebrities to pool boys can – and do – enjoy themselves along this historic stretch of real estate.

Once you’ve had your fill of sand time, there are dozens of beachside bars, clubs, restaurants and rooftop pools. If you ever get tired of one scene, there’s always another just around the corner. However, don’t be fooled into thinking South Beach is just for party animals; check out the Art Deco architecture or treat yourself to a world-class spa. Also, sample some of the best Cuban food found on earth.

Kauapea Beach: Kauai’s little secret

Kauapea Beach: Kauai’s little secret

If the glitz and glamour of South Beach isn’t quite your style, the island of Kauai has a little secret just for you. Known by locals as Secrets, this nugget is found after traversing a sometimes-tricky 15-minute unmarked trail before emerging onto roughly a kilometre of (usually) empty perfection. Positioned on the north shore of Kauai, Kauapea Beach is well worth any difficulties you may have in finding it.

In addition to its beauty, Secrets also boasts a lagoon, waterfall and even a clothing-optional section (walk east if that’s your kind of thing). An important note: all of the Hawaiian islands have very dangerous currents, especially in winter. Those who are not strong swimmers should take extra precaution.

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Waikiki: South Beach’s Island brethren

Hawaii, in all honesty, has enough jaw-dropping beaches to fill an entire list of its own and then some. With eight tropical islands, most with smaller populations than Wollongong, beaches are what Hawaii does best. Waikiki is the most famous of them all, albeit not the one to go to if tranquillity is what you’re looking for.

Located on the southern coast of Oahu, Waikiki in many ways resembles South Beach with some Hawaiian island flavouring. Waikiki has the same white sand with some surf to boot. There are sheltered sections, perfect for young families and a cornucopia of oceanside bars and restaurants as well. Just don’t let the lack of an ESTA visa hold you up.

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La Jolla: San Diego’s finest

San Diego is one of America’s most underrated cities, possessing a vibrant downtown, one of the world’s preeminent zoos and perfect weather all year. It’s easy to see why. Among it all is La Jolla, an upscale community with palatial houses dotting the cliffs that is a must-visit. The beach is very popular but large and well suited to accommodate the throngs that sometimes flock there.

This beach is home to just about every ocean-related activity known to man: scuba, snorkel, kayak, surf, exploring tide pools, seeing some wildlife or just laying on the beach. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, head toward Scripps Pier. But beware, beyond the pier, you may get more than an eyeful of some local beach bodies – or feel free to join in!

Myrtle Beach: South Carolina surprise

Many people may think of the South as the home of grits and American football but there are nearly a hundred kilometres of beach in South Carolina that begs to differ. Besides a massive stretch of beautiful beach, the relatively small town of Myrtle Beach is home to more than you can imagine.

Here, there are adventure parks, water parks, giant concerts showcasing all types of music and a number of America’s premier golf courses. It’s also the South, so be sure to dig into some hearty southern portions of one of the USA’s best regional eats. Believe it or not, Myrtle Beach also has some of America’s finest five-star resorts as well. America is a melting pot and the South is something that has to be seen to be understood. For all American trips, ESTA Visa is the friendly, fast and easy way to travel America.

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