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4 interior design trends for 2016

We all like to keep things fresh and updated, especially when it comes to our homes. Here are the top 4 interior design trends for 2016.



It’s no surprise that copper and brass are still very much on the radar for 2016, especially when it comes to home décor. Incorporate both on a smaller scale via accessories such as frames, candle holders and other knick-knacks, or on a larger scale with seating, lighting fixtures, and bedding.



Marble is one of the best ways to inject major luxe into your home environment, as well as one of the most on-trend. Try hints of marble in kitchenware, and other small accessories such as clocks and bookends. If you’re after a serious interior overhaul, marble countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom are predicted to be one of hottest trends for the upcoming season.



Those faithful to minimalism and monochrome may want to think about a change because colour is very much in. Splashes of pink, red and peach are going to be hot, as will green, navy blue and ‘oil blue’. Injecting colour into your home not only updates your space, but also gives it a fresh kick.



Hints of nature throughout the home are going to be huge, come 2016. You can try this trend by bringing in accessories featuring natural materials (think: raw wood, stone etc.), or in a more literal sense, with greenery. For something a little different, try to incorporate natural pieces in ‘unexpected’ places, such as the bathroom and bedroom.


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