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22 reasons to visit the Faroe Islands

East of Iceland and north of Scotland lays a fairytale-like archipelago called the Faroe Islands. Part of the Danish Kingdom, the Faroe Islands consist of 19 volcanic islands with rugged coastlines, grass roof houses and more sheep than people. The islands offer scenery as extraordinary as Iceland, but with substantially fewer crowds. From enchanting waterfalls and colourful, quaint villages to spectacular hikes and world-class bird watching (hello puffins!), the Faroe Islands are sure to provide an epic and unforgettable adventure. Come along with us as we go on a photo journey through this magical destination:

  1. From May through September, green grass blankets both rolling hills and building rooftops in the Faroe Islands.

grass roofs faroe island

  1. Only a few minutes’ drive from the airport on the island of Vágar, Mulafosser Waterfall is a breathtaking natural wonder in the tiny village of Gásadalur.

waterfall faroe islands

  1. At every turn, you’ll come upon sheep resting in the shade, grazing in the grass or loitering on the road.

sheep faroe islands

  1. While not as ubiquitous as sheep, you’ll also see a few distinctly hairy Highland cattle if you keep your eyes peeled.

cattle faroe islands

  1. Fishing has long been at the core of Faroese culture, and you’ll find colourful little huts and boating sheds all along the waterfront.

fishing faroe islands

  1. With its dramatic cliffs and panoramic views, Trælanípa is the most photographed spot in the Faroe Islands.

cliff faroe islands

  1. Hike along the shores of Lake Sørvagsvatn, the largest lake in the Faroe Islands, to reach the cliffs of Trælanípa.

clifftop faroe islands

  1. The local sheep will even brave harsh conditions on windy cliff faces to enjoy a good graze.

wind faroe islands

  1. The 40-minute trek out to Trælanípa rewards hikers with epic views. Bring a picnic and take your time soaking up the magic of this spot.

scenic faroe islands

  1. Tórshavn, the colourful seaside capital of the Faroe Islands, dates back to the Viking Age. Today, it’s home to a buzzing harbour filled with boutique shops and Nordic-style cafes.

faroe islands

  1. Feast on the freshest catch at Barbara’s Fish House. The beloved eatery is found in a cosy historic building in the centre of Tórshavn and is famous for their savoury fish soup.

food faroe islands

  1. The red parliament buildings, known as Tinganes, are a must-visit in the city of Tórshavn. The first parliament meeting occurred in 825AD during the Viking Age, making it one of the oldest assemblies in the world.

parliament faroe islands

  1. Explore the back streets of Tórshavn and admire the charming houses with colourful facades and grass rooftops.

house faroe islands

  1. Many of the boutiques in Tórshavn offer local goods, including fine Faroese wool. Check out shops like Gudrun & Gudrun and Östrom for a chic mix of clothing, gifts and home goods.

clothes faroe islands

  1. The Michelin-starred restaurant, KOKS, boasts an unforgettable culinary experience which begins lakeside at a Faroese curing shed, then moves into the restaurant for a 17+ course tasting menu driven by the tastes and smells of the Faroe Islands.

restaurant faroe islands

  1. A ‘hjaller’ is a typical Faroese drying shed used for the curing and fermenting of meats and fish. It’s designed with slits on both sides to allow the fabled North Atlantic winds to whip through.

hjaller faroe islands

  1. Take a road trip out to the cool, craggy village of Gjógv – about an hours’ drive from Tórshavn.

village faroe islands

  1. ‘Gjógv’ means ‘gorge’ in Faroese, and you’ll see immediately why the scenic 50-person village was so named upon arrival! Park in town and hike out to the end of the gorge to admire views of the distinct rock formation and picturesque town.

gorge faroe islands

  1. Explore the remote northern islands, where you’re more likely to find animals than people.

northern faroe islands

  1. Spend an afternoon visiting the storybook grass-roof village of Saksun, set along the shores of a turquoise lagoon cradled by rugged fjords.

saksun faroe islands

  1. Hotel Føroyar is a well-known 4-star property on the hillside above Tórshavn with a full array of amenities. For more of a boutique feel, stay at the charming seaside property, Hotel Havgrím.

hotel faroe islands

  1. With jaw-dropping scenery at every turn, the Faroese landscape is laden with natural wonders and dramatic topography.

dramatic faroe islands


by Sarah Driggs of Compass + Twine

Sarah Driggs and Lindsay Ridenour are the storytellers behind the NYC-based luxury travel blog, Compass + Twine. Follow along on Instagram @compassandtwine as they unearth some of the best hotels and travel experiences around the globe. From scenic landscapes to local cafés, they reveal the true character of a destination, always highlighting the best place to stay!

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