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July 2018

Frenchman's River is a 200-acre working cattle property near Cygnet in Southern Tasmania's exquisite Huon Valley. It is owned by television producer and novelist Posie Graeme-Evans and designer Andrew Blaxland; together they have created two lush, self-catering houses for you to stay in on their farm. Winner

Venturing into the Outback is one of the most rewarding travel experiences you can find. From towering escarpments to cascading waterfalls and rock art dating back before the pyramids, the Outback is a captivating landscape with a journey for everyone. Discover this vast wilderness with

More than just private floating hotels, superyachts give travellers access to once-in-a-lifetime encounters in extraordinary locales. Lee Mylne reports on the latest trends from the 2018 Australian Superyacht Rendezvous. Stepping aboard a superyacht opens a world of luxury, privacy, and exclusivity. It’s a world that increasing

Following an extensive international search, creators of the compelling new stage show MADIBA The Musical, today announced Perci Moeketsi will play the role of Nelson Mandela. The South African star of stage, television and film, Perci Moeketsi, dared to dream the impossible, encouraged by Mandela’s own words: “It is

The remote coastal region of the Kimberley is an opportunity to experience the true, untouched beauty of Australian wilderness. True North Adventure Cruises leads bold expeditions in first-class comfort, writes Hayley Baillie. As the first glint of light breaks across the dark sky, I double-check that

Officially opened on Friday 20 July 2018, The Alcott is Lane Cove’s newest dining precinct. Designed by Head Chef Richard Slarp (formerly of Sake, Aria Catering and est.), the menu is Mediterranean-style with chargrill throughout, while the venue's vibrant spritz bar and outdoor terrace adds to

Diana Plater discovers rich cultural traditions and delves into a world of pure indulgence and relaxation during a blissful stay at Bali’s world-class destination resorts. I feel as if I’m floating as I stand on my balcony overlooking a sea of trees all the way down

In an age where watchmaking technology is so advanced, ateliers are now in a bold race towards new horological extremes, writes Madeline Hoskin. With the rise of smart watches and wearable tech, a big question mark has loomed over the future of fine watchmaking. How can