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The next-generation superyacht toys taking luxury at sea to a new level

The next-generation superyacht toys taking luxury at sea to a new level

Chrissie McClatchie checks in from the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show, where the latest generation of superyacht toys is delivering a new level of sophistication and technology to an aspect of yachting already overflowing with loads of fun.

At the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show, our obession with superyacht toys showed no sign of fading, with a dazzling array of high-tech product displays that ranged from personal submarines to multi-storey inflatables. Beyond traditional favourites such as jet-skis and wakeboards, today’s water toys stretch the realms of possibility, showcasing the kind of gadgetry you would expect to see in a James Bond film. Yet instead of chasing bad guys to save the world, these big kids’ toys are designed with pure enjoyment and wonder in mind as you cruise along the most glamorous anchorages of the French Riviera this summer.

Motorised surfboard

With a celebrity fan base that includes the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Justin Timberlake and Sylvester Stallone, it’s little surprise that the JetSurf is the must-have item on board today’s superyacht. Able to reach maximum speeds of 55 kilometres per hour, this Czech-designed motorised surfboard allows guests to both chase big waves and skim calm waters and is currently available in four models to suit beginners to advanced riders. RRP from €7,900.

Need for speed

The world’s first electric jet body board, the Kymera is the perfect pocket rocket for yachts of all sizes. The ergonomic design allows for user comfort, while the hand-lever acceleration and body-led manoeuvring can be mastered in a matter of minutes, enabling guests to set off for up to two hours of waterline adventure at speeds of more than 30 kilometres per hour. RRP AU$7,495.

Water bike workout

Exercising with a water view is often motivation enough, but imagine what could be achieved by actually exercising on the water! Red Shark’s innovative new trimaran with built-in carbon-fibre exercise bike allows guests to get as close to cycling on water as possible and adapts to the user level, allowing for both sporty workouts and relaxed sessions along a flat shoreline. RRP from €3,995.

Fun inflatables

As the name suggests, FunAir specialises in injecting a heady dash of pure joy into the yachting scene. Its custom-made slides, climbing walls, floating islands and other inflatables are designed to deliver hours of entertainment to all on board, no matter their age. Latest additions to the range, such as the Twin Escape inflatable floating lounges and Wave Lounger, appear made for relaxing Côte d’Azur afternoons spent with a chilled glass of Provence rosé in hand. RRP US$1,500 for Wave Lounger, US$7,500 for Twin Escape.

Your own submarine

California-based SEAmagine unveiled its flagship model –the Aurora-3C – in Monaco. This private submersible is both compact in design, with a dry weight of 3,800 kilograms, yet spacious in its interior as it travels in luxury to depths of 457 metres. Two passengers and one pilot are treated to panoramic 180-degree views as they undertake incredible up-close-and-personal experiences in the underwater world. RRP from US$3,000,000.

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